This novel is really special. It is so well written and so very gripping too. It has great pace and after reading it I wanted to read it all over again. A must for all thriller fans.

OwlbrightReview of ‘A Small Betrayal’

An original story which was hard to put down. Given the time, could be read at one sitting. A good first book. Look forward to the next from this author.

Stuart Jon
Stuart JonReview of ‘A Small Betrayal’

A second well written thriller, with the hero Tom McLean willingly seeking out some possible but unlikely situations! However I really enjoyed the island settings and the various plots which had an out of this world ending!

Mrs Margery Sennitt
Mrs Margery SennittReview of ‘Restitution’

I thoroughly enjoyed this book. Well written and, fast paced and kept my attention throughout. The plot centres around Tom McClean and his Grandfathers war time journals. The story leads from the UK to the Greek islands where it has its gripping finale. All the characters are very believable and I have no idea how much of the historical bits are based on reality but it all seemed very true to me.

Amazon Customer
Amazon CustomerReview of ‘Restitution’

This was a totally captivating book from start to finish. Having previously read “A Small Betrayal” and “Restitution” by the same author, I had high expectations for the third book in the series about the trials and tribulations of Tom McClean. I was not disappointed. It was a real page turner and I managed to finish the book in double-quick time. It had all the elements I have now come to expect of a David Wynn novel – a thrilling storyline, attention to detail, historical and geographical observations and bags of action. I cannot wait for the next book in the series.

Paul Lilley
Paul LilleyReview of ‘Windfall’

I found it to be compulsive reading; this book gave a clear insight into the patient’s point of view. It is most refreshing to read a book that is not written by a medic who thinks that he knows all about prostate cancer. Who knows better, than one who has experienced it and thoroughly researched the subject.

Ward sister
Ward sisterReview of ‘Living with Prostate Cancer’

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