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Living with Prostate Cancer

Living with Prostate Cancer by David M WynnWhat happens to the thousands of men who will be diagnosed with Prostate Cancer every year. For most men it will mean coping with a disease about which they know very little, if anything.

This clear, practical guide, written by a man who has himself had the disease, takes the reader and explains the signs of Prostate Cancer, what to look for and the symptoms which can give an early warning of the disease. It talks about the treatments available and the likely effects of those treatments from the patients point of view.

It explains the medical jargon, describes what the prostate does and what is prostate cancer. It explores the effects of the disease on the family and friends of the patient and describes some of the hopeful new developments in the treatment of Prostate Cancer and asks why male cancer treatment continues to be the poor relation in public health spending.


For men, the situation is very different.  The second most common form of cancer in men is now that occurring in the prostate, accounting for over a quarter of all the incidences of the disease in men.  Worldwide, nearly half-a-million men are diagnosed with prostate tumours each year and some forecasts suggest that over the next twenty years the number will triple.

And yet a small fraction of the resources and publicity provided for women’s cancers have been made available for men despite this huge incidence. Men must become much more vocal in expressing their dissatisfaction with this state of affairs.  It is important that we raise awareness of prostate cancer to combat the ignorance and stigma that surrounds the disease. A recent newspaper survey revealed just how ignorant men are about the condition. Almost a third of men interviewed in the survey did not know that the prostate gland is found only in males and 10 per cent have no idea where it is.  The inevitable result of this level of ignorance and complacency is that we men will keep on dying quietly in ever increasing numbers. In the US alone, the disease kills nearly 30,000 men each year. For each of those that have family, friends, loved ones, then the number of people who will be affected by the disease is huge.


I found it to be compulsive reading; this book gave a clear insight into the patient’s point of view. It is most refreshing to read a book that is not written by a medic who thinks that he knows all about prostate cancer. Who knows better, than one who has experienced it and thoroughly researched the subject.
Ward Sister


This book is available in Kindle format on amazon.co.uk.

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Living with Prostate Cancer

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